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We are often asked why should I book with a travel agent when I can do it all myself online?

My funny answer to this is – I do not cut my own hair! I let my hairdresser do it, I could probably cut it myself but it is not worth the risk. I want a professional who is trained to do it!!!


save time1. – Saves time

Did you know a large percentage of travellers spend over 5 hours when booking on-line. We all have really busy lives so why not leave it to the experts to plan your holiday and give you all the relevant information so you can enjoy your free time.




ideas2. – Expertise and knowledge

I understand that it is fun to look at all your holiday options, but this can be overwhelming and you only have the information that is given to you by the supplier, which is not always unbiased. Many Travel Agents have travelled extensively and carry a wealth of knowledge of holiday destinations. It is a great feeling being able to advise our customer of a resort or hotel that we have personal knowledge of and can talk about with confidence. Not sure where you want to travel? We can discuss all the options and offer you the right advice for the type of holiday you want.


real person3. – Real people

We know what a great feeling is it to get a person on the phone and better yet they make you feel important and that you are not just ‘another’ caller. There are only 4 of us at Skyplane and we are here 6 days a week. If you have any questions about your holiday you can speak to us on the phone or visit us in the office any time. If you should have a problem whilst on holiday it’s all the more important to speak to a person directly who understands the situation and not an anonymous call centre. You can even call in just for a chat!


expertise4. – They think of the whole package

A great travel agent will start to think about how they can make the most of your trip from the moment you call to discuss it. They will build a relationship with you which is all about trust not just the transaction and you will feel confident that the decisions you have made together are the right ones for you.



SAVES MONEY5. – Saves you money

We do not charge a fee for all the research we do into finding you the perfect holiday. We are quite happy for you to sit with us or leave the details when finding the perfect holiday no matter how complicated. We will talk it through with you and make changes where necessary all before you have committed to booking with us.